22 Actionable steps to Become Successful on YouTube

You heard it’s too late or its impossible to Become Successful on Youtube ?

Someone must be kidding with you!
With right knowledge on HOW to be a Youtuber, you just need to be really determined to get started with it for success, be your own boss, work at your own ideas, at your convenience and timing.

This article aims at equipping you with ideas and things on how to become Successful on Youtube? especially if you are a newbie.

Did you know to whom YouTube belongs?
Ans: Google!!
We know that you know that Google is the top search engine, but who is on the second?
Ans: Its YouTube

The very basic and core thing is to know your purpose i.e. you should be crystal clear in your mind that what goal you want to achieve by making a YouTube channel or enter in Vlogging thing, what kind of videos and content you will cover etc.

so before preparing your Vlogging camera or choosing a catchy name for your channel. Let’s first discuss these in details:


1. Know your goals to Become Successful on Youtube):

become successful on youtube

​Its most important, to ask yourself ‘WHY’?.

Why i want to be a Youtuber?

The answer behind the channel you are starting or the videos you are making should be crystal clear in your mind. Your viewers will sense if there is no proper idea/reason behind your videos.

So the 1st thing you need to set is the Goal of your Youtube Channel? Why you want to become a youtuber? whats the goal of becoming a Vlogger?

Some of the reason to become a Youtuber might be:

  • To make Money online (and Offcourse people are making lot of money through Vlogging).
  • To become famouse youtube Celebrity that people love to hear and Follow.
  • To help someone by tteaching them what you already know.
  • To get traffic to your Blog by sharing relevent information.
  • To generate sales by promoting other brands.
  • To help needy people by making documentries and get donations
  • To Raise voice against the injustice and grab the attention of Social media toward that issue/cause.
  • OR You want to join for Youtube fun Challanges.

keep in mind that your videos will say all about you and create a public image of yours.

Obviously, you will wish to create an identity which is distinct from others to reach your milestone and for this purpose the rule is “Not to compare yourself with other Youtubers/vloggers” and see yourself as you want others to see you as.

[thrive_text_block color=”green” headline=””]Remember that your Goals is what will keep you moving and motivated. A clear sense of what you want to achieve will work wonders for you when get stuck in your journey of creating and maintaining a YouTube channel. Therefore, it should be realistic, measurable and within your control.[/thrive_text_block]

This will keep you from any disappointment. Set a goal which can actually be materialized in a specified period of time. Means what difference have you made through your video from starting until present day, plus it must be within your control to makes any changes when required.

1. Realistic short Time Goal:

This will keep you up from any disappointment. Set a goal which is short time and can actually be achoevable. e.g I will become a best youtuber by getting 5,000-10,000 subscriber & 50,000 views within 3 months.

2. Measurable Goal (1 Year):

With 3 months of regular work and by achieving thousands of subscriber and Youtube now its time to make a bit hard and mid term plan of 1 year. Your plan could be any thing.

  • Ask from yourself?
  • Reverse engineer your competitor channel.
  • Do analysis of your 3 months of work and note the things you missed over there. & set a new goal for the next 1 year for yourself.

3. Long run Controllable Goal:

Long Run Should be something that can change your life, and for the purpose you need to see what difference you have made through your video from starting until present day, Now its time to set another goal of atleast 3 year for yourself , but remember, something that must be within your control to makes any changes when required.

You can see the Earning of Pewdiepie Here

2. What kind of Youtube channel you want to make?

become successful on youtube

​So, what’s your Youtube Channel all About?

Do you wish to start an entertainment channel, educational video or youtube Fun challanges ?

What industry are you stepping in or showing on your channel?
Is about any pet, political issue, hobbies or cooking program? People like content they can relate to, it will have a significant effect on your viewership that what your channel is about?

Better to start working on projects you yourself are interested in to better understand and serve your audience.

For example: you can start a youtube beauty channel if you are in self-grooming things, a cookery channel if you are passionate about trying new recipes, a health channel if you are a fitness expert etc.

3. Who are your Audiance? are you targetting any Niche?:

are you targetting niche in youtube

​People have preference, and so should you for your audience for adequately serving them via your channel. Not every person come to YouTube for watching films or DIY projects.

[thrive_text_block color=”green” headline=””]By that it doesn’t mean that you start making videos for everyone as making an entertainment video today and a sharing a cooking recipe tomorrow will also confuse and distract your audience. [/thrive_text_block]

Know you Audience before Starting a Youtube Channel.

You may select your audience or niche according to age group, interest, gender etc. also consider if other channel is catering the audience you wish to attract for your channel, this will have an immense effect on your success.

4. What’s your strategy (Successful Youtube Channel Strategy):

what is your youtube strategy

When are goals are defined, content is made and your audience are selected, you need to plan strategy for making videos which includes how you will shoot the video?

What Equipment (Mobile phone, Web cam, Vlogging Camera etc.) and Sources (human and material) you will require, what will be your presentation layout or arrangement plan, will you use any software? Will your videos be animated or live etc.

You must also pay attention on SEO & ranking of your videos on YouTube to have maximum viewers, that requires precise titles, tags and keywords to be given to your content enabling people to find your videos easily. Its recommended to add description to the videos, this will require little extra effort and time but is going to undoubtedly contribute to making your video pop on Search engine..

5. The Frequency of Your Youtube Videos:

Being a Youtuber it is necessory to be consistant, commited and post content frequently. this becomes even more important if you are making episodal or serial videos, as your viewers spare their time to watch them.

[thrive_icon_box color=’green’ style=’1′ image=’https://diaryinc.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/diaryinc-images.png’]Starting and keeping a YouTube channel is no less than a full-time job. Fulfilling commitment with your audience is crucial and brings more subscriber to your channel. So, always consider how much time will you spent or your videos will take to be prepared and how frequently you will upload them i.e. Every day, ones a week or once a month.[/thrive_icon_box]

The intervals between your videos must be reasonable i.e. it shouldn’t be so long that your viewers starts to forget you. For serving the purpose you may produce promos also to keep reminding them about your upcoming video. Just don’t get confused between your actual product and promos.

6. Who are your competitors?

​Its easy to search for the term like how to be a Youtuber, but its hard (Not impossible) to become a successful youtuber as Competition is everywhere, so its necessry to keep eyes on your competitors and make your product distinct enough from them to have a unique standing.

It doesn’t mean to stop entering the industry others are already working in, but branding your work which deliver a distinct and certain quality and commitment. You will need to spent time for it as consistently as on making your own videos and promos.

P.S The best way is to create a bridge with your competitors, having good business relation are always one of the best investment you can make ,both for present and future.

7. How to measure success ?

​How you measure success on creating a YouTube channel entirely depends on what are your Goals, hard work consistency and commitment.

It may be gaining a certain number of viewers, having your own identity or public image, earning a certain amount of dollars or maybe becoming partner with YouTube.

8. Patience matters (Be a successful youtuber):

Starting and getting success on making YouTube channel may test the level of your patience like any other business. Its going to take your time, efforts and lots more which will undoubtedly require your consistency for not giving up. As they say:

Success comes to those who work hard and never give up

9. Inside outing:

Remember that starting any self-employed business like creating a YouTube channel is an inside out approach, you won’t be having any boss here to report to, or to meet any deadline (given by client/boss), any fixed timing to work etc. therefore you need to have certain qualities within yourself to keep up with this including following:

10. Motivation and consistency (The Key to Success):

​The most essential factor in becoming a Successful Youtuber is Your dedication, Commitment, consistancy and Love with your work. Stating your own channel and being your own boss requires it. Always step in in a business or industry or work you are yourself interested in or else you won’t be going far with it. Motivation comes not by work but the reason you are doing that specific work for.

Consistency mean doing it on regular basis like making & uploading videos to your channel on regular basis (even if visitor are not coming),and putting your effort regularly to make your channel one of the best place for your subscriber.

11. Your Goals:

Your goals will help you in measuring your success. It may be short term or mid term or long term accordingly. Your goal may be to earn money, entertain people, give review on product etc. (Short term) or it may be DIY project, you may be aiming to share your knowledge, Skill or ideas to help people etc. (Long term).

12. Planning & commitment:

This means designing presentation format and layout, arranging equipment (camera etc.) for shooting and resources (be it human who will act in the video or material sources in case you are reviewing any product or making DIY video etc.)

Commitment mean self-discipline, time and efforts to be put in your work. Creating and uploading videos on timely basis and keeping a track of your viewers and their comment revealing their concern and reviews about your Vlog.

13. Youtube Video Filming & Editing:

3 important aspects include content, video and editing . The real work starts with filming your script/content, which require preparing camera, multiple attempt/ takes of filming, editing, addicting effects etc. don’t be afraid to hesitate to delete which isn’t appropriate or clear, quality of work has an effect and your work will speak your personality on a public platform.

14. Equipment (Vlogging Equipments):

vlogging equipments

Vlogging equipment is an integral part as your video quality depends on it, you might use your smartphone or invest in DSLR with its lenses. Proper lightening and audio are also needed to be taken care of. Consider that its not equipment that matters but the right use of it.

15. Keeping it simple:

Content should be clear and under stable instead of being stuffed and fancy i.e. if a simple web cam, camera or software serves your purpose, stick with it.

You can simply add caption for getting pop on Search engine as it increases views by 14.38%

16. keep learning:

There is always a room for improvement, keep learning about new products, techniques and keep practicing what you learnt, this can be even from your competitors. This practice will keep your Vlog update and your content healthy and worthy to achieve your milestone.

17. Keep yourself inspired:

As a Vlogger, you will start to see every video (other than yours) being more than just a viewer, that’s right approach. You can learn a lot from them like camera angles, quality of production, background covered, lightening effect and eventually getting inspired to create a better piece for your viewers.

18. Youtube SEO:

vlogging camera for youtube

You obviously want your videos and efforts to get noticed, recognized and appreciated. Youtube SEO is essential for it. There are ways to pop your videos on Search engine which includes adding caption to your product (as discussed above), adding most searched keywords, addition description under your videos, using tags etc.

19. Being active on Social Media:

For attracting traffic to your video, being social is one very effective way. You can promote your products on Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. through images, promos, behind the scene videos, teasers etc.

Asking your friends and people in your contacts to share you video is a common trend now. People often offer a give away on maximum share which eventually increase traffic to your video.

20. Getting involved with viewer:

Getting involved with your audience in making your content alive, human touch can be replaced with any other thing. Answering their comments, asking them about what they liked/disliked in the video, encourage their opinion or suggestion for improvement or making small videos for them where you take names of your viewer will keep them engaged.

21. Promoting your work:

Spend some time on promoting yourself on social media and different forums. Collaborating and networking will multiply your efforts in bring rapid results.

22. Followers & Monetization:

When you out your efforts and time on making focus quality video, take care of your viewers concerns, make investment of your time on social and promotional activities, these all will eventually bring customer and ultimately monetized. There are other ways apart from getting money through your videos which included: affiliate sales, direct advertising, supports from fans, product promotions etc.

Summing up!

So that’s all we intent to equip you with via this article about how to be a Youtuber or start a YouTube channel and things to consider before it. Starting and keeping any self-employed work like this maybe a neck wreaking task but think of the recognition and sense of accomplishment it brings to you.

Although it requires a high amount of motivation, commitment and consistency however this difficult, time and effort consuming job will also bring rewards like having s reputation in public, sense of having and owning a channel Search engine that’s on second rank and of course monitory benefits too along with widened social circle.

So, best of luck for your YouTube channel making journey