4 Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog from Pinterest

Undoubtedly your are familiar with Pinterest. But after seeing the title you are thinking that “Pinterest is a Pin site where people pin some pictures there. So, How can I use it for getting traffic?”

If you think so, you are living in the dark as a blogger. Some days ago I discover that Pinterest has become 2nd largest social media platform and it is getting 25 million members and 10 million unique US visitors per month! So, If your blog is related of Photography, music, fashion design Pinterest is the best place to promote your site. If your blog any other topic, no problem. I have another solution for you to get traffic from Pinterest!

Do you know that much blogger are getting tons of unique traffic from Pinterest? But the question is ‘how?’ Check it out:

#1 Verify your website and link you other social media accounts

It is the most important part of Pinterest marketing. You must verify your blog at you Pinterets account. To do so, go to your profile. Beside the profile picture you can see a ‘Pen’ sign to edit the area. Click there, a pop up window will arrive. Then add you blog domain name there. Then verify it.

After verifying your site you will become the genuine person. So the use can realize that you are the who you are talking about. Now link your other social media account must Facebook and Twitter. So, You friends will able to find you at Pinterest and follow you.

#2 Decorate your boards carefully

Many of us make a mistake here. They make board and pins of there interest and their profile become a ‘Five-mixed’ Profile. So, other users visiting hi profile can not catch the main idea or topic of his profile. It hamper to get traffic.

Arrange your boards related the topic of your blog. Suppose your blog is design related. You need to make boards of Designs, Logos, Inspirations, Card design etc…

If you do so, then you will get targeted repins followers and Targetted Traffic also.

#3 Build a good relation with other users

Now it’ time to make a bullet proof relation with other users. Search the people who are pining and talking about your topic. Or search the topic like of your blog like ‘Tattoos Arts’. Then find the people who are pining under this topic the follow them. They will follow you back. Then make comment on others pins and like them.Track the users are commenting your pins and follow them. Then thank them and tell them to visit your blog. The same tactic like Twitter! But make sure do it gently and never make it spam!

Now, he time to get more followers. Do the same thinks I says before. Make good relation. So you will get many followers. In this way it’s take time but this is the best way. If you have not enough time or mind to wait so you can buy Pinterest followers. Some service serves real and safe Pinterest followers. As a social media marketer I bet it is not spam.

#4 Optimize your Pins with keywords and hashtags

It is called Pinterest SEO. It is also secret! Many are the Pinterest marketer will not tell you about this. Use your key words at the title of your board name and Pins. It help Pinterest internal search engine to find your pin easily.

Most of the users left the tile and description blank. But is a great mistake. Use hash tags in your description with keywords. So your pin will rank up to the search engine like Google. So, you will able to get some search traffic which have a great value for your bog!

So, here are some quick tips to drive more traffic from Pinterest to your blog. This tips I follow when I promote any brand at Pinterest. They really work. Every blogger need to promote their blog Pinterest. Please, share your ideas by commenting. I like to get reply and response from my readers.


  • Muhammad Essa says:

    Thank you so much!
    From this article I just verified my portfolio Blog to @Pinterest and I learned much more about SEO – Thanks <3