How Much Traffic do you need to make money from a blog?

How Much Traffic do you need to make money from a blog? A simple typical question but with the future thought of Newbie as well as some old Bloggers that I have noticed they ask after starting their blogging career, even I’ve received a dozen of personal messages, and many emails from my blog readers/

I’d say a tough question to answer. But one visitor per day is enough for you to generate a decent amount but until that point when he/she is active in buying the stuff you are promoting, that may be a plugin, a software, Ebook or Video course, etc.

Still you want the answer? Oh! I know just got confused due to the above explanation. Let me explain that further more. According to my experience when someone ask the question how much traffic do I need to earn money from my blog? His purpose is not only to know the traffic facts and figure but eventually, he want to know how much money is it possible to generate constantly every month.

So here I tried my best to satisfy such people who have the above question in mind. Let’s go!

How Much Traffic do you need to make money from a blog?

300 Unique per visitors is enough to make money from your blog.

Yah! 300 Visitors per day. If you are getting this much traffic from Google SERP, I’d recommend you to start serving advertisement on your blog. That can be Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing or any other source such as direct advertisement and paid guest posting, etc.

But before sharing the myth. Let me clarify and share some of the questions that I’ve collected from Quora as well as received through personal emails and Facebook messages.

  • How many visitors per month to your blog should you expect to start making some decent money?”
  • I have a blog with 500 AVG page views per day. How much could I earn from AdSense on it and how can I get more traffic on it?”
  • “How much money can I make with 1000 visitors per day using Google AdSense?”

Answer 1

Let’s go for the first question that normally people ask like newbies. It all depend on your website Niche (area of interest), Geographical location, how you monetize your blog and readers. I had earned $350-$400 /month on AVG from a blog with daily traffic of 50-65 and one post per month. My point here is for AdSense you need to have a decent amount of traffic and better ad placement. But if you are selling affiliate products from stores like Amazon, EBay, click bank or direct with company link. You can make a decent amount per month with even few visitors. So my suggestion at this stage would be to go for Affiliate instead of relying on one source of income which is Google AdSense. Because the click through rate (CTR) for AdSense is 1%, that is too low. And on another side with only one sale per day that happens on your blog through affiliate link can give you a good amount as the commission rate over there is high from 10%-50% depend on the company term.

Answer 2

Glad to know that you are receiving visitors up to 500 on AVG per day on your website. It shows you were content has appealed to action that’s is forcing 500 people toward your website on daily basis. But still it’s very difficult to estimate how much money you can earn with these visits. As that all depend on your website area of interest (Niche), Location (where you belong and from where you are getting clicks) and Click through rate (CTR)

  • Let me share a type of demo. A blog having 300 visitors per day with 100 Clicks on an advertisement will generate a big amount than a weblog that is receiving 2000-2500 traffic per day with 40-50 clicks.
  • Your earning is also dependent on the keywords you are targeting in your blog post. If your weblog is keyword optimized, it will show the relevant ad and through which you will see a boost in your income. But if your website is not keyword optimize. Then the irrelevant ads will appear on your website, and the result will be low income that you will generate.

Here my suggestion would be to go for Affiliate marketing once again. Like that the only source through which you can earn huge amount with low traffic.

  • And how can we forget the role of ad placement on the right path. Many themes have the built-in option of ad placement that aren’t best fit on the requirement of Google as well as you. So the best thing that I recommend to you people is search in Google about best ad placement in WordPress, and you will get the idea.
  • The 4th thing on which your income is dependent is the Click-through rate or CTR a person with insurance blog can earn 2X more then you due to high paying niche. So better to research your niche in Google before jumping to conclusion.

Answer 3

I will continue the above answer as these 2 are much similar with the only difference of 500 visitors. Once again a very nice question asked by blog owner as he want to know that 1000 visitors per day are enough for him/her to earn a constant income per day. But unfortunately, the answer is same like above. It all depend on your website design, Hosting speed, Area of interest, geographical location, choice of advertisement placement, and Demographic location.

The best thing you should do with your blog is simple. Attract direct advertisers and implement Affiliate marketing strategy, here below I’ve shared the tips of how with only 300 visitors per day you can attract and get advertisers on your blog.

If you are getting 300 visitors per day on AVG, that mean 9000 visitors per month. It means you are teaching and sharing your thought with 9000 people.

Let’s me explain it why I choose 300 Visitors.

  • 300 Visitors per day mean the material you are sharing on your blog is quite helpful for the people that’s why they are keep visiting your blog. The more you write and update your blog frequently with valuable content, the more you will get traffic and generate income.
  • With the increase in the number of visitors, you will see a big change in the income you are earning each day.
  • With proper posting and getting 300 unique visitors per day mean you have built a strong connection with your readers and their mind, and you are sharing such information that they love. So the best job to do here is just to invest some more time in blogging that will accelerate your traffic and income.
  • With full focus and expectation from your blog and readers will force you to write more and monetize your blog accordingly. Which mean a boost in productivity that will directly affect your income graph.
  • At this point you become the boss of your blog and what you write. A great understanding environment came into being that not only benefit your reader but also convince you to do something more to get/sell some permanent advertisement apart from Google AdSense.
  • With 9000 unique visitors per month mean you are coaching and mentoring them all. You are now in the phase of competition with other bloggers; you are not a newbie bloggers anymore.
  • It also seems that you are dedicated and passionate about your work and blog that every advertiser want and like. So there are more chances of getting an ad for your blog as an advertiser can anticipate a return from you.
  • At this stage of getting 300-400 visitors per day from Google mean more likely you will also be getting a decent amount of traffic from social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Google Plus and other social media networks. And according to my experience, the AVG traffic you should have at this point is around about 800-1200 per day. And the traffic from social media you are getting mean you are have got/getting popularity. And so you better know the results in the shape of revenue.
  • And finally with 300 visitors per day showing that you are the one who do not need to ask such question, all he need is to focus on his/her blog. Because he/she can generate a decent amount up to $1000 per day with this traffic by selling different products, promoting eBooks and stuff.

I am sure now your mind will be clear about to know how much traffic is enough for you to earn money from your blog. if your blog is 6 month old and still you are getting low traffic then investigate the issue as there would be a problem in your content or website.

i will be glad to know your feedback and suggestion by commenting below or through contact US page!