A One Day Visit to National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)

Hey Guys, I welcome you to diaryinc.com which is my newly created blog designed for the purpose to share my experience as well as help newbies in solving the problem that they face in the start of their career.
As you might know that my life aim is to teach and motivate the Youth to start their online ventures. So continuing that goal, I visited NUST (National College of Sciences) on 8th October 2018 to share my story and motivate the Young, energetic students to control fear & help them in building their online career.
The Trip to NUST links with connected Pakistan 2018 event that was held on 8th September 2018, one of the best IT conferences that focus on career building of students at no cost. They arrange such events every year to inspire the young generation by inviting young IT enthusiasts from different parts of the country.
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In CPC 2018 (Connected Pakistan Conference) I met so many people, including students, professionals, & of course entrepreneurs.
Maham from Islamabad, one of the attendees who attended my session, approached through Facebook & invited me to NUST for a lecture on self-motivation.
As much I understand that was an assignment for Maham and her team to convince someone and the only purpose was to check her communication and marketing skills.
I believe when your network increases, people start taking an interest in your story & want others to get motivated by it, so you became more engaged and dedicated in fulfillment of your goals.
It happened to me, after realizing the enthusiasm and dedication of a student I couldn’t say no to her and promised to visit their university on the decided date.
Finally, it was the day when I had to go, the weather was n’t, and it rained heavily that day. Before leaving, I thought about a lot about postponing the trip.
However, it was a commitment, and I finally left for Islamabad at 3 PM to cover two hour’s distance in five hours time (due to weather). During the session I talked about how I started my online career, I disproved to my relatives, friends, and teachers who demotivated me through their taunts and showed those who in reality helped me in building my online career that I can achieve the goals that I’ve in life.
After completion of this one-hour session, I had to attend a meeting with the students of Islamic University named Zainab and Sidra, who specially came there for me.
Then I went to attend another meeting with Jawad Akhtar who is the CEO of Campaign Expert Company, the young, energetic team who are helping different politicians and business in political consultancy.
We talked about political consultancy for some time and had dinner together. After 1 hour of a meeting, we came back to Peshawar with some good memories.
Though the weather wasn’t right, I still enjoyed this short trip as I believe in one thing and that is to enjoy every moment of life, and that’s what I did. This thing gives me the will and power to work hard, learn new things and play my role in this nation-building.
Overall it was a good experience; I appreciate the dedication of NUST students specially Maham, Tashfa, and Asma for their invitation.
However, I still feel something’s missing, something that forces me to shorten my story. Perhaps the timing, the weather or the sleepless night but I firmly believe that our universities and the educational sector should focus on students’ career development so that they can have better skills in real life and a bright future.
We are there to guide students, show them direction but it is the responsibility of teachers to keep guiding them to the right path. I wish success to all the students who attend my session, and I ask Allah to help me teach them better so they can have a successful life in the future.