Pirated Themes:Disadvantages of using WordPress pirated themes

At first look, the most eyes catching, prominent and attractive thing which a user can see on any Blog is their theme. Every web-admin wants to have good looking theme on their web-site. For word press (famous blogging platform), there’s dozens of themes are available online some of are free and some cost money (expensiveness of theme depends on their features and designing, if a theme has more features and stunning design then defiantly it will be costly). But you can download those themes which cost money, in free. These themes are usually known as Nulled or pirated themes. By applying these pirated themes on your word press blog, may be you will find some good response from users but there’s a dark side of using Nulled and pirated themes. The main disadvantage of using word press pirated themes are given below

Disadvantages of using WordPress pirated themes:

  • The pirated theme may contain hidden malware in it, due to which your website can be controlled or hacked by someone else.
  • The company which owns the theme may take legal action against you.
  • The web hosting provider may suspend your web hosting due to the using of pirated theme on your WordPress blog.
  • The search engines may flag your word press blog as spam.
  • The different antivirus and anti-spyware may see your blog as malware.
  • Google (and other search engines) may be De-indexed your blog, which is really bad for any blog or website because it means that Google has removed your blog from their index, so no one can find your web-site from Google. It’s horrible, isn’t it?

So these are some major disadvantages of using pirated and Nulled themes. It’s strongly recommended that avoid using pirated themes because of their horrible results. If you have any question related to that post then feel free to ask, leave your question below in comments.