12 Reasons You Should Start A Blog Today

I did many things in my life, tried different relaxations (you can say hobbies) which included Cricket, computer games, Art, and several jobs as well.

But believe me, I didn’t get anything out of them.

What I am today is just because of Blogging.

Before starting a blog, I worked online in PTC industry (paid to click), HYIP (High Yield investment program), as well as a crack software provider.

But after realizing the benefits of an online legal business such as blogging I left all those ways and just focused on it.

Blogging is something which gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction all the time.

I started blogging as a part-time activity for the purpose to teach people how to blog. But after some time, I realized that, it has changed me and my life style.

How it transformed me from a common person Ismail to a well-known Ismail Blogger you know better. Now I want to help you change yourself and live the way you are dreaming about. For this what I can do is to guide you sincerely and share each tip which can lead you to success.

There are many articles are written on the topic why you should start a blog. Every individual has their idea I am going to share mine below.

The top 12 Reasons I think you should start a blog today:

1. Blogging Help You to Learn New Things:

blog make u a better person

Blogging is all about learning, writing and sharing new Experiences with the world. You study things, then write and share them with others on your blog for educational purpose.

After starting a blog, you always find yourself in learning of new things which belong to your niche (are of interest) and further you share that with rest of the world with additional research.

Let me give you an example: When you set for teaching others in the classroom during exam days. Your objective is to teach them, but actually you are helping yourself as your ideas become more explicit.

2. You become a Good Writer:

A word after a word after a word is power._

“Writing doesn’t just communicate ideas; it generates them.

—Paul Graham”

Blogging is all about writing a unique piece of content. If you love writing, then you should start a blog as it gives you more chances to learn as well as to communicate with rest of the world.

It’s a way to write your ideas and thoughts on an electronic paper and make other people to agree or argue.

But what if you are not good at writing?

Don’t be afraid as it will make you a good writer with time. Becoming a good writer gives you many benefits whether you want to create your own CV, Proposals, Presentations or script you don’t have to depend on someone.


3. You Become a Good thinker:


Blogging makes you a good thinker who takes things seriously in his/her life. Thinking deeply and clearly on any issue or topic is one of the most important part of human life.

Mostly people leave blogging on this stage as they don’t want to think, or they ran out of ideas by saying its bull shit or (what I do I’ve no idea).

To become a good blogger, you always think deeper and deeper to get something that helps you, people and rest of the world.

4. It makes you a Better Person:



“When you have to write your ideas out in complete sentences, it forces a deeper clarity of thinking.

—Jeff Bezos

The place where I am today is just due to my Enthusiasm with blogging, People love my work, give respect and want to learn from me.

I am totally living a different life with no rules.

Without any office job and any other regular activity, I am spending more than those who have government jobs (with some limitation) with years of experience.


The question is why?

Well, Blogging is one of the best way to improve all your skills including writing, social interaction as well as communication.

You start thinking genuinely as compared to others, because you want to do something different from others and want to look different in the community.

Secondly if you are a person who want a job also then there would be better chances of your selection. Because now a days companies love to hire those people who own blogs and write properly instead of those who haven’t such skills.

Apart from all above points you can create your own team or company if you want to setup a blog for business it will give you respect from your team and employ as you lead them.


5. Blogging gives you Confidence:

Before blogging I was an Introvert in my institute, but after starting blogging I became one of the most Talkative personality at my institute and still I am.

Like Red bull tagline blogging gives you wings to fly high and delivers your thought to the rest of the world. Different conversation which people do with you on your blog through commenting and contact us page help to overcome your weaknesses and build confidence.


6. Blogging makes networking easy:

Through blogging you make new connection with other people. Let’s give a try. Search something related to your interest in Google.

Visit few websites and then after reading their posts leave a comment with a question you have in your mind.

Then visit that specific post after some time. You will see that blogger would have commented on your feedback with full detail. This show the professionalism and networking. So, this is also one of the reasons I think you should start a blog today.


7. Through Blogging You can make your Own Online Brand:

“We’re trying to build an audience through our writings; we’re not just trying to have customers.

—David Heinemeier Hansson”

In 2012 I was a normal guy like other people, with Book and pencil in hand, a guy who only knew his university, Assignments and exams.

But after starting blogging, my life totally changed, I got popularity, Money, and Fame. People started following me and I became a personal brand.

The point is blogging opens the doors and new opportunities for People to start asking questions from you related to online business, marketing, leadership and sales consultancy.

So, the best and easy way through which you can make your own online brand is to write regularly different techniques and tricks related to your field of interest.


8. Starting a Blog is so easy:

Yes! Starting a blog is so easy. Decide the topic you want to write about and you are done.

But the tough part is setting up a blog.

If you are on BlogSpot platform, then no worries. But for WordPress blog you need your own domain name, Hosting and professional design.

Ohhh you are a beginner?

Don’t have any idea about the how to set up blog using WordPress?

Get relaxed!

In my next Post I will write about these things and guide you properly about all the stuff.

With WordPress platform you don’t need to worry about the HTML and PHP languages. It performs that all for you without wasting your time on coding. The only thing that is require is to understand and to know the customization of a theme which is I think much easy.


9. Earn Money through Blogging:

“When I hit publish, I get a rush. Every time. Just like the first time. It is incredibly powerful.

—Fred Wilson”

Maybe you have heard from someone that people are generating decent amount of money online through blogging, freelancing, Vlogging, & product selling etc.

Once you monetize your blog with no of visitors through quality content and design. Then it became easy to start earning money by Applying Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing techniques, Product creation, webinars as well as Consultancy services.

I remember back in 2013 when I sold one of my 3-month-old blog on $3000 and then decided to fully start blogging instead of searching for job and degree. Today I along my family living a good life through internet money


10. You Make New Friends:

After starting a blog, you will be amazed watching people’s friend requests on social media. You will be amazed to see how people love to take a selfie with you in different programs.

In the start of my blogging career there were only few people with whom I met. But with passage of time my friend’s community was increased to 4980+ friends. (unfortunately, no more space due to Facebook Friends limit policy, but still you can like my PAGE for the latest updates).

In case of any problem in my website or financial help (like PayPal dollar) whenever I posted anything, I got quick response from my online friends (with Thanks).


11. Blogging Teaches People about Entrepreneurship:

“Writing is more a medium of self-discipline than a way to communicate information.

—Andy Grove, Intel”

Blogging is one of the best way through which you can communicate with rest of the world. It’s one of the best way to Learn and teach others about something you know.

It provides you the opportunity to focus on minor ideas, gives value to simple work, create consistency, make action decision more powerful and specially it gives the power of taking that idea to the next level. Blogging gives you the opportunity to create your own product. These all are the useful acts of Entrepreneurs.

The best thing you might know is that Blogging is free and available for everyone everywhere. You do not need any degree, any Course, and publisher for starting a blog, all just you need is passion and dedication and a little bit English language for writing content.

12. Final Words:

Wrapping it up I would add that once you start writing you would love to write again and again because it makes you a different person. Not everybody has this skill, if you have it means you are blessed.

A question might arise here, and you might think that,

I haven’t written a piece of content yet and has no idea that I can write or not?

The answer is yes you can write because you have almost read this complete article which shows your enthusiasm and dedication.

And I recently included above that if you have these two qualities then you can do anything.

These were all the reason I think you should Blog as it gives you freedom, and courage of sharing your thoughts with rest of the world from your living room.

If you want any addition to the above list, just write in below comment or send an email through contact us page!