What Is Gravatar and Why Should You Use It?

Globally Identified Avatar is commonly known as Gravatar,” i.e. (small picture like icon with dimension, not more than 80х80 pixels) which represent its admin, and can be used almost everywhere. Most well-known programs like WordPress have built-in assistance for Gravatar. When an individual result in a statement (with email) on a website that facilitates Gravatar, it draws their Worldwide Identified Avatar from Gravatar hosts. Then that image is shown with the comment; This provides the opportunity to each commenter to have their recognition throughout the international blog.

Why must I use gravatar? 

If you want to be familiar with the blog world, then you should use a gravatar. If you are a blogger, nonprofits, small business, or anyone who wants to develop a product, then you need to begin using gravatar. Possibilities are that you check out study and comment on other blogs. At first, your gravatar might not get as much interest. However, if the same individual recognizes your comments at several websites they read, they will probably visit your website.

How can I join?

Attaching your picture to your Email address for comments is so easy.

Click the Link below and add your e-mail address which you are using more for comments  http://www.gravatar.com

An e-mail will be sent to you with a link to activate and further proceed the process.You will then be requested for a name and a security password, select a unique name that you used commonly for comments. Upload a picture from your PC or select to add a picture of you from the web (Quick Observe how to add pictures from website – Click right mouse button on the picture, on the picture, copy picture URL and place)

After all of the above process crop your picture online in Gravatar after cropping the image, you will be requested to rate your photo. I recommend you use a G ranking, which represents for frequent use.

That is it, all done

Next time you comment on any website, your picture will appear with your comment,

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